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Operation Thunder Stick is a Non-Profit Organization.  You can look us up and see the past mission of Dr. Adventure and other super heroes alike.  We are ready to strip out of our Clark Kent attire and go full on super hero.  Talk to any one of us about our upcoming trip.  Our new mission is going to be incredible.  We leave for Kesennuma, Japan where 1/3 of the city was flattened by the Tsunami last year in less then 7 minutes.  We have had alternating crews there helping to rebuild the city structure and improve the morale for over half a year.  March 11, 2012 is the one year anniversary of the Tohoku Kanto Earth Quake and we are planning to go there the week preceding the commemoration of the event that devastated a nation.  On March 11, Dr. Adventure, Phoenix Feeley, Marina Tsaplina, Alfred Werner, and company will perform a Kabuki style play that represents the struggle the people of Japan faced after Earthquake, Volcano, Tsunami, and Nuclear disaster threatened there livelihoods.  The children of Kesennuma will partake in the show and will be in the center of the plot where their own performances and dedications come alive.  The week prior to the final big show all the players will be working with the children on their parts and teaching the children different skills.  Different classes we will be teaching are Hula Hooping, Staff, Poi, Stage Building & Set Design, Improvisational Training & Rehearsal for the play, development of their Monologues, Puppet Making, and Science Classes on EarthQuakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes, & Nuclear Power.  We plan on shipping out all tools necessary for these classes and will be collecting prop donations until late February.  We plan on donating all these gifts to the Japanese children after our final performance.  Cash donations can also be made, by going directly through the website above.  We are seeking donations of all kinds.  Staves, hula hoops, glow toys, poi, or any other circus or art materials we could utilize for the classes or for the performance are desired and cash is king.  I come to you because I believe you can help.  Please donate whatever you can at   Prop donations can be arranged for submission by contacting Ms. Phoenix here